Something unusual happened the other day in the EYFS classroom, the children had a visit from an upset Little Red Riding Hood who hadn't enough cakes to take to her poorly grandma. She had been skipping across our field to get to her Grandma’s cottage and they must have fallen out of her basket as she swung it around. So the children decided to make some cakes for her. 

Today they have had lots of fun learning and deepening their understanding with lots of real-life maths: counting, estimating, weighing and measuring as they baked some cakes.

Thank you Mrs Billington for kindly baking the mixture in your oven. 

At the end of the day LIttle Red Riding Hood didn't manage to get back to school to collect her cakes but we did save her a few, the children enjoyed eating the rest at the end of the day! 

Little Red Riding Hood's Lost Cakes