Hi I'm Sophie and my blog is about how some of the Year 3s and Year 4s make grass houses and hotels. If you do not know what that is it is when you make an outline of a house or a hotel with cut grass. A lot of people join me making them, they are fun to make and play in, although other people can destroy them when you're inside so BE CAREFUL. We do it at school on the field because when the grass is cut there's a lot of grass because we have a huge field. We do it during brain breaks and playtimes. Doing this activity brings alot of friendship, trust and respect because you have to work together and trust each other that they don't destroy it and respect other people's ideas. It makes me feel happy inside and it makes me concentrate on my friends who are doing it with me and the grass hotel. I know there are some people who have hay-fever but when we come inside we wash our hands straight away. I would recommend it to people who are very creative and don't have hay-fever but if you do and want to do it don't forget to have your pills or medicine at home so that your eyes don't water. 

There are only 4 rules to stick to.

1. Don't throw the grass in the air

2. DO NOT TAKE OTHER PEOPLE'S GRASS because that's really annoying

3. No arguing over ideas

4. The most important of all - Just Have Fun!