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and always be thankful.  Colossians 2:7


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Our official school day runs from 9am until 3.30pm which is 32.5 hours a week, we also offer a daily breakfast club and a range of after school activities, details of these are below.


Our Extra-Curricular Clubs


Breakfast Club


Our Breakfast Club is held every morning from 8am and pupils may be dropped off at any time from then until classes start at 8.50am. Children must be brought to the main school doors where their parent or carer must sign them in as they hand them over to the member of staff. We provide a range of breakfast items and drinks for our children and they enjoy partaking in numerous activities including games, construction and artwork. Sessions cost £3.50 per child with household siblings attending the same session costing £2.50. Payment can be made via the school ParentPay system, childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare scheme. Sessions must be booked in advance.



After School Clubs


We have a busy timetable of after school clubs running straight through from the end of class time till 4.30pm each day. Sessions must be booked in advance.


Summer Term 2024


Day Club Leader Cost
Monday Bench Ball Fleetwood Town £4
Tuesday Tennis coaching Simon Ardron £5
Wednesday Dodgeball Fleetwood Town £4
Thursday Forest School Claire Nash £6
Friday Football Fleetwood Town £4




Extra-Curricular Clubs Policy




At Inskip St. Peter’s C.E. Primary School we offer a range of extra-curricular activities for the children, this term we are focussing upon outdoor activities which will develop both gross (large muscle movements) and fine (small movements) motor skills to contribute to physical development and the ability to use muscles and body parts for particular skills. These are delivered with a view to increase the experiences that children have, enabling them to make informed choices for adult life. We also value our clubs as environments where our pupils are able to develop further their expression of our Christian Values alongside children they may not usually spend time with during their timetabled day. The vast majority of clubs are open to all children although there may be clubs which are specifically tailored to one age range. The costs for the clubs are kept to a minimum to encourage access for all children. We take medical and special educational needs into consideration and aim to provide activities which are accessible for all.


Aims and objectives


By encouraging participation in extra-curricular activities we:


  • Enable children to sample a range of activities and pursuits that will help them choose leisure activities for adult life;
  • Enable children to have fun and enjoy a broad range of activities;
  • Enable children to extend their enjoyment of particular areas of learning through more in-depth study and activity;
  • Encourage children to develop friendships between age groups and work together cooperatively.




  • Each extra-curricular club runs for at least half a term.
  • Participation is monitored in order to provide clubs which children enjoy attending.
  • We aim over the course of a year for a mixture of activities both sporting and not.
  • Where a pupil is deemed to have a particular talent, need or interest they may be encouraged to attend a specific club.
  • Some clubs are delivered by school staff and some by outside providers.
  • Children are expected to sign up for the full half term’s provision for each club. The exception to this is when a club’s content alters at each session such as Film Club. The content of these clubs will be advertised on the weekly newsletter so that pupils and parents/carers can decide whether they wish to attend, they will then sign up on the morning of the club




  • Parents/carers are informed when each club is advertised as to what the cost will be and this must be paid through ParentPay. By signing up to the club the parent/carer agrees to the payment amount and method.
  • Monies will be refunded if the adult leader cancels the class but will not be refunded in the case of a pupil not attending.
  • Children in receipt of Pupil Premium will be encouraged to attend extra-curricular activities and will not be disadvantaged by the cost of a club or the need for any specific equipment.


Health and Safety


  • All providers are made aware of the arrangements for fire evacuation and First Aid.
  • A full register of all children attending a club is maintained for each session this will also include individual pupil’s medical needs.
  • Pupil’s SEND needs will be communicated where appropriate.
  • Appropriate clothing is to be worn for all clubs plus any other kit that the club provider requires. 
  • Our school behaviour policy must be followed at all times



Safeguarding Children


  • A member of school staff is on site at all times whilst clubs are taking place.
  • Our Safeguarding Policy must be followed at all times, all providers will be supplied with a copy of it and a Visitor’s Guide to Safeguarding at Inskip St. Peter’s.
  • Providers are required to provide DBS certification.
  • Risk assessments will be carried out by providers as required.




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