The Beyblade  Club 

Ted, Reggie, Isaac, Iain and I do Thursday club and we Beyblade! This is a game where we do battles with our beys (spinners). We use launchers to launch our beys into the arena.

We do it at Thursday club it starts at 3.30 and ends in an hour (4.30). We do it in the hall. You need 2 or more people for a battle.

It is good for team spirit and trust (TRUST YOUR BEY). You can make friends when playing this game, and anyone can play! It helps us forget our worries and replaces them with happiness.


There are four different types of beys. Attack, Defence, Stamina and Balance.

We would like more people to do this club so we can increase our battles. We recommend this game to other people because it is fun, easy and improves your arm strength.

Finally here are the rules, battles go up to 2 points or 3, a ring out finish (when the bey goes out of the arena), and a saviour finish (last bey spinning) are each worth 1 point. A burst finish is worth 2 points.

We hope more people join the club to attract more young people so when we leave school it carries on. 

From Kial and Iain