In English this week, the children have been learning about writing to persuade. To go alongside our topic of Vikings we have been learning about the nine realms in Norse mythology. The children had the challenge of being given one of the realms with their partner and having to sell a holiday to that place! 

Some children had the wintery and cold Niflheim to work with, whilst others got the mountainous, subterranean world of Svartalfheim. 

Children watched several adverts for real life places, taking note of the persuasive features from each. 

Each pair made their own short presentation of images to go alongside their advert and they each chose their background music to add extra impact!

You can see our finished adverts below:

Erin and Ada:

Beth and Ivy:

Christopher and Evelyn:

Abbi and Abigail:

Tyreece, Isaac and William:

Tommy and Nathaniel:

Amber and Maddison: