Over the last couple of weeks, Lower School have been ‘buzzy’ exploring their new story - ‘The Bumblebear’ by Nadia Shireen.

We first used our own imagination in ‘Drawing Club’ to share what we thought Norman’s ‘amazing and brilliant idea’ could have been. Using the front cover as a HUGE clue, Lower School were correct in predicting that Norman the bear would dress up as a bee!

We shared our wonderful imagination again in ‘Drawing Club’ when capturing how we thought Norman felt after being kicked out of Bee School for tricking the bees. 

We wrote apology letters to the bees too.

Thankfully, Norman was labelled a hero in the end! Yay! A super show of our school values - compassion and forgiveness!

We have used a mixture of drama, oral story-telling and discussion to help us sequence the main events and retell the story in our very own zzzzig-zzzzzag books. 

Your little ones did a fantastic job of remembering details AND using their phonics to sound out words to spell. 

Well done Lower School!