Year 2 Fire Safety


















Year 2s had a visit from local Fire and Rescue Service officers, they showed videos and spoke about how to stay safe at home, at school and on sleep overs. They encouraged our children to check their home smoke alarms with their parents, start having a bedtime routine of closing doors and unplugging chargers and develop with mum and dad an escape plan they can practice in case the smoke alarm does go off. We also practiced recalling our addresses in case we had to say them on the phone to the emergency services.
The children then took part in a role play where a family were asleep in their beds when the smoke alarm went off, they woke up and enacted their Escape Action Plan including stop, drop and roll when someone's pyjamas caught on fire. They got out and went to their neighbour's house waking him up and asking to borrow his phone to call 999. The fire brigade arrived, rescued the pet dog and put the fire out. As well as the routine to go through, our Year 2s learnt NEVER to slow yourselves down through grabbing your phone or even your pet -ask the fire brigade to do that. Our pupils listened brilliantly, joined in with everything and had LOTS of questions for the officers!