In Upper School, we have been focusing on our reading stamina (gradually increasing the duration of reading without distraction or before losing our concentration).


In class, we have a stopwatch which we glance at, the moment we find our concentration is going. Obviously some distractions aren’t our fault and are really intrusive so that’s ok to just continue reading once we’ve established our surroundings are still safe and calm!


We have also introduced a new flexible seating environment where children safely upturn their chairs and use the slant, coats, pillows, blankets to feel a little more comfortable for reading. Upper School now love our dedicated, chilled out reading time now!


The hope is, we will gradually build up more reading stamina and can read for longer. This opens up opportunities to read and enjoy more books over a shorter period of time as we are reading quicker.


‘The more that we read, the more things you will know…

The more that you learn, the more places you will go!’ 
(The wonderful Dr Seuss!)


Suggestions from Upper School for improving reading stamina at home: 


- Set a timer for e.g. 4 mins and gradually increase each day/week 

- Place a book mark/post-it on the page you want to reach as a goal. Gradually give yourself more to read each time.

- Try reading for a set time e.g. 5 mins, have a quick break and then read for another 5 mins. Next time, increase that reading time. 

- Set an alarm so you don’t worry about missing something else that you have on or planned to do.

- Make sure you’re comfortable and you’ve eaten/ had or got something to drink.

- Silence notifications on any devices.


Happy Reading!


Reading Stamina