This Tuesday, we got the wonderful chance to have our lovely year 5s join us for the day! Luckily, the day that they joined us was our 'Ancient Greek' day to match our topic of ancient civilisations. We began the day with an Ancient Greek maths challenge, following clues and discovering who smashed up the temple of Zeus.
Next, children learned about the events of the battle of Marathon (and why a marathon was named a Marathon!). They then worked in small groups to produce a miniature drama piece of a newscast for the battle. 
In the afternoon we looked at some of the Ancient Greek architecture that still exists today and compared it to 3D renderings of what it may have looked like in the past. We used this to create our own Greek buildings out of art straws that sat on top of a beautifully painted sky.
Amidst the art of the afternoon, we took a short break to learn about some of the games that were played at the Ancient Olympics, and even had a try at our own 'Inskip' versions! We did shotput (beanbags), Racing (relay), Discus (frisbee) and even chariot races! (Wheelbarrow race). 

We had a wonderful day with year five and learned lots about the Ancient Greeks!