The children had a fantastic time this Friday visiting Clitheroe castle for their castle life event. 

We had the opportunity to cycle around some wonderful activities that taught us all about what life might have been like in a medieval castle. We got to experience the work that some of the servants would be doing. We saw what it was like to prepare flour for bread and to make pottage for the fire. We had a try at turning a spit and blowing the bellows to heat our food. We even got a chance to try some clothes on that servants may have worn.
Children also got shown the keep itself and were told all about how the castle used to look. As well as this, we got to try on various helmets from different time periods and even challenged a knight to a sword fight with a real sword!

Children were amazed by their blacksmithing demonstration, where a real blacksmith used his forge to create a nail and an arrowhead for us... right before our eyes! 
Finally, we got to try out some of the games that people would play in the middle ages - some of them were very familiar whilst others would definitely not go down well today.

To top off our experience, we got to watch an exciting demonstration of how a knight would suit himself up in plate armour. We also got to watch how a poorer soldier might armour themselves for battle. The part we all loved the most, however, was when the two knights battled one another!
The grand finale of the knight's battle was getting to watch (and hear) a real cannon fire! It certainly meant we left the experience with a BANG!

After all of this excitement, we had a lovely picnic in the park grounds surrounding the castle and a play in the play area. 

All of the children were wonderfully behaved and all loved their unique and exciting experience.