Today the Year 1 and 2 children investigated which was the most effective way to get rid of germs after discussing why we needed to.

In answer to the question ‘Why is it important to wash your hands well?’ ...

”if someone is ill and they touch something then you touch something then touch your face you can get sick and get Covid” Maddison 

“If you don’t wash your hands and you’ve touched something that someone’s sneezed on you’ll get their cold” Nathaniel


They began by predicting which way would be the best to remove germs from their hands. Would it be ...

with a paper towel

with water 

with soap and water?


We learnt that germs are so tiny they can be only seen under a microscope so for our investigation  they rubbed fine glitter glue onto their hands pretending they were the germs. 

The children were really great at washing their hands, they remembered their thumbs, backs, palms and nails. They discovered soap and water was the best and realised how much time you need to spend scrubbing to get all the germs/glitter off!