This week the children had to help Mr Wolf with a dilemma. He spoke to the children from his den in the Forrest where he was hiding after the terrible events in Grandma’s Cottage! He was so terrified of the woodcutter and so sorry for what he had done (trying to eat Granny and Little Red) that he needed the children’s help to decide how to make it right. 

After lots of great ideas the children decided the best thing Wolf could do would be to write a letter saying he was sorry and promising them he wouldn’t do it again. However, despite agreeing it was the best idea (he couldn’t go near the cottage to apologise in person he was too scared of the The Woodcutter) he still had another problem. He can’t write. So the Year 1 and 2 children kindly agreed to write his letter for him. 

They came up with ideas together and decided he had to convince Granny and Little Red he was sorry and tell them ways he could show them he was sorry. 

Have a look at their letters, Wolf is very grateful and I am very proud of their writing!