As part of our theme ‘The Place Where I Live’ this half term we are learning about the history of our school and we have been great detectives looking closely at life in the past through photos and artefacts. 

We are lucky to have some amazingly interesting log books from when our school first opened. The children were surprised to hear why some of the children did not come to school eg 

‘6th December 1867 A wet day many children absent’

’11th December 1867 Many little children absent on the account of the roads being so dirty’

’9th November 1869 A girl returned to school who has been absent for the summer to work’

’24th October 1881 Some of the boys absent from school to get up potatoes’

We also looked closely at a collection of photos we have of some of the classes and school buildings taken over the last thirty years. We looked for similarities and differences between now and in the past. 

Our School In The Past