In our RE lesson this week with Helen we reminded ourselves of what we as Christians believe happened on the first and second days of Creation then we learnt what happened on Day 3!

We thought about our wonderful Harvest service we had been to in church on Sunday and remembered what we had been thanking God for, 

"the bread"  , "the Harvest", "the food", "the farmers" the children answered. 

Helen brought lots of clues for the children to guess what God created on the third day and we learnt that he created the dry land, seas, plants and trees. We then had imaginary dinner parties and the children took turns to say Grace and give thanks to God.  Here are some of their prayers ...

"Thank you for the lovely food"

"Thank you for the food and the lovely plants"

"Thanks you for all the drinks and water we have"

"Thank you for the flowers and the trees"

"Thank you for all this lovely food and shops"

We were very impressed with Abigail's learning when she said that she could see a triangle shape on the pineapple and that it was the shape of the Trinity symbol! She then told the class that the Trinity was to show the three parts of God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Great learning Abigail!

We watched a story on the interactive whiteboard about the first three days of creation, sang a song and then each coloured a fruit shape and wrote 'thank you' on it to remind us what happened on day 3 of creation. 

Thank you Helen for our wonderful lesson!