On Monday, we were delighted to welcome Year 4s to Upper School for our 'Move Up' day , a day when they come to see what its like to be in Upper School, in preparation for September. Although there were a few anxious looks first thing in the morning, all the Year 4s left with a smile on their faces!

The 'new ' Year 5s and 6s enjoyed a themed day, during which we learnt about Lancashire Seaside resorts in the past. We watched Pathe news films of the seaside in Victorian times and studied photographs and postcards of Blackpool, Morecambe and St Annes from 1898 onwards. Over the course of the day, we discussed the change in popularity of British seaside resorts and the reasons why. We also managed to produce our own posters to entice visitors to visit the seaside now. In a year when many of us will be spending our holidays in the United Kingdom, we found plenty of reasons to look forward to our days out!