As part of our RE unit this half term, 'Why is the church a special place for Christians?' Revd Paul invited us to visit him at St. Peter's Church. It was a lovely sunny day and our walk down through the village was enlivened by a cat who walked in front of us all the way down from our school building to the church, even sitting still under the lych gate to listen to Revd Paul welcome us all to St Peter's! 

We really enjoyed having more time to look closely at various things in the church and ask lots of questions, it was also lovely because we haven't attended church for services fo such a long time during the pandemic so to be welcomed back so warmly was special. 

Revd Paul took us on walks around both the church and the graveyard, explaining the meaning and history of what we saw as we went. We learnt about the font, alter, pulpit, lectern and pews along with the stained glass windows, kneelers, organ and monuments, the children were great at explaining what they thought something was for, often refering to Bible stories they knew in their answers. We went in the vestry where Revd Paul showed us his vestments and explained how he gets ready for a service and walked around the outside of the church looking at graves and visiting the war memorial. 

We had written down all the questions the children were keen to find the answers to from their visit and Revd Paul very kindly answered them all! Please do have a look at our questions.

It was a great visit and we certainly discovered why St Peter's is such a special place.

Thank you Revd Paul for having us, answering all our questions and preparing such a well thought out visit.

Children's Questions for our Visit to Church