At the weekend I collected lots of acorns for the children to investigate and use in their learning activities.

We are having so much fun learning with them. So far there has been lots of talk, observing, scientific enquiry, learning about the life cycle of an oak tree and maths with these beautiful acorns. We had a giggle when we talked about why only a very few acorns grow into Oak trees and decided another reason other than squirrels eating them could be bonkers teachers going out for Sunday lunch and making their whole family stop when they see an Oak tree to go and collect acorns from the ground around it! Most of the acorns will stay in school for the children to use and enjoy but some are going home to my house where we are going to plant them and hope to grow some saplings. 

We learnt that the Oak tree is the most common tree in the UK and that it isn't until the tree is 20 years old until it starts to grow acorns. We also learn that some Oak trees can live for unto 150 years! 

Have a look at these photos to see how we have been using them in our learning so far ...