At Inskip St Peter's we love learning new words, words are powerful and we appreciate how they help us to become successful readers and writers.

Every day in both Lower and Upper school we have a 'word of the day' and we do different activities to help the children learn and enjoy the new words. In Lower School we sing, whisper, find, hide, play with and write the words! I write the word of the day on small blackboards and a few of the children go and find a place to peg the boards. Then throughout the day when the children find one of the words they bring it to me and show me telling what it says, what it means or putting it in a sentence before going and pegging it somewhere new for a friend to find. It is a lot of fun and the children love hiding the words in increasingly funny places!

The children and I select the words we would like to learn from stories we read or the children come into school with a new word they have heard and would like to know more about and we jot them down in a notebook ready to be chosen.

Please read our weekly newsletter and see the lists of words your children in both Lower and Upper School are learning each day in our 'words of the day' activities.  Investigate new words with your child at home (let us know what great things you do with words), have a look at these photographs to see some of the fun we have been having with words in Lower School. Click on the photographs to read the captions.