What an amazing morning! We were lucky enough to be visited by a special Roman Visitor today, as part of our study of The Romans. During the morning we gained a unique insight into life as a Roman soldier and how life was in Roman times.

Freya said,

”This morning we had a visitor who taught us about the Romans. I was flabbergasted at what he told us about the Romans.”

Maddie wrote,

”After hushing our excited whispers, a fairly tall grey-haired man entered, but not just that, he was fully clothed in Roman armour! A while later, after introducing himself, he explained about the soldiers’ weapons and armour. “

Harriet wrote,

”Next he taught us about how the Romans kept clean. The Romans rubbed olive oil all over themselves. Then they went into a sweat room. After that they got a stirgil that they used to scrape all the dirt and oil off their skin. Then they jumped in a cold pond or bath!”

Zara finished her recount by saying,

”Overall I really enjoyed the morning, found it very interesting and loved it so much! I said a big thank you to him.”

Many thanks to Mr Worrall for visiting.




Roman visitor