Mrs Young brought her new pet Tortoises in today to show the class. We got the opportunity to ask many questions and learn about the care of the tortoises. They are very young and very cute! 

Rocket is the older one of the two and is very active, hence his name ... he shot off around the rug like a rocket!  Over the year the tortoises are going to visit us regularly and we will get to observe the changes in their size and looks and have the opportunity to hear from Mrs Young how their perosnalities are developing. Our ongoing science learning this year is for us to observe plants and animals in their local environment throughout the year, although the tortoises willl visit us in school they come with their specially built enclosure and we will get to see them move around on our field outside which is similar in many ways to Mrs Young's garden at home where they spend part of their time and their natural habitat if they lived in the wild.  In the summer term our science topic is 'Living things and habitats' so we will be lucky to have the tortoises to study as part of this science learning. 

We went onto the field to identify and search for dandelion flowers and leaves, a plant we know tortoises like to eat. As the tortoises are so small we only picked two flowers and a few leaves and brought them back for the tortoises to try. 

We are really looking forward to their next visit.

Thank you to Mrs Young and her son Warren for letting us bring his tortoise Rocket in for us to see.