Wow, what a wonderful day!

Thank you so much to EVERYBODY who made our Christmas Fayre such a success! Our teeny tiny school, through the HUGE hearts of our families and school community took over £1654 on Saturday, which is amazing! THANK YOU ALL! That money will be spent by our Friends Association on educational resources and supplementing visits so that our pupils can continue to go on trips to support their learning. 

The money raised is obviously wonderful, however what I loved most about the fayre was that people stayed for hours, how lovely that families didn't just spend time with us at school on a Saturday because they felt they should, but because they were really having fun enjoying themselves with others, just what our school is about. 

A special thank you to all the Friends, staff and suppliers who supported our Fayre through planning, providing resources for the fayre and helping out on the day, it wouldn't have been such a success without you all.

Once again thank you, Miss Leyland

Our Christmas Fayre 2023