Wow, we have been so lucky today, what a wonderful World Book Day 2023! We have had a visit from the fantastic, very funny author Shane Hegarty. Shane asked and answered lots of questions explaining how he thinks of ideas and writes his stories, inspiring our children. 

Shane has created the spectacular ‘The Shop of Impossible Ice Cream’ stories, The Big Berry Robbery being the latest to have been published. Today Shane told us all about these stories, how he got his first ideas, the characters and the setting which is very, very similar to Blackpool. Shane has almost finished writing a third book in the series that we will be keeping a look out to buy once it has been published! We will also be looking out for his first picture book called Dexter Lost His Boo Woo which will be out in a year’s time, we were so lucky to get a look at the first proof of the book today!  Shane has written the fantastic Boot books (a series about a robot who has lots of adventures) and another collection of stories called the Darkmouth Series.

Thank you so very much Shane for taking the time to visit us today, making us laugh and sharing your fantastic books. Thank you again to our wonderful friend Elaine Silverwood who created this fantastic opportunity for us! 

Shane Hegarty Visit 2023