We are so fortunate to have had a visit from the amazing author Annabel Steadman today. Annabel told us all about the world her books are set in, the characters and the elemental magic that threads through the epic adventures. We also learnt how she became a writer, her hobbies and had the chance to create our very own unicorn which just appear in one of her future books!

Skandar is the first of five books that will be written by Annabel, the second will be published on April 27th year, after today I think Annabel has another big group of young Skandar fans desperate for April 27th to come quickly when they have finished the book they got today. 

Thank you so much for visiting us Annabel and a huge thank you, again to Elaine Silverwood from Book Bean and Ice Cream shop in Kirkham for bringing her to us. We feel very lucky to have experienced such a treat!

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