Sian and Sophie's Gymnastics

Hi I'm Sophie this blog is about how me and my friend Sian do gymnastics. Me and Sian like to do gymnastics because it's fun, it also makes us forget about working hard. It makes us feel free. Me and Sian like to do this activity alone most of the time but sometimes people join in. We like to do gymnastics on the stage or the field. Sometimes me and Sian like to do competitions against each other like Who's the Most Flexible? or Who can Stand/Handstand the Longest? We do gymnastics when it's playtime because we can't do it in the classroom (obviously). We have to trust each other when we do gymnastics like when we're doing a trick like the one handed handstand, it also makes a great friendship between us. I was self taught first then I started lessons then Sian taught herself how to do gymnastics. I would recommend gymnastics to people who are energetic because you have to use a lot of energy to do all the tricks and flips.

Gymnastics Blogpost