This afternoon, Upper School have been learning to recognise why some people might be judged as more historically significant than others. We first of all unpicked the key vocabulary for today and clarified the meaning of some unfamiliar words. We discussed what it meant to be judged and what would make something significant. As a class, we decided that someone with historical significance might be someone who has done something which has impacted the way we live today.

We focused on Henry VIII and searched for evidence which would suggest he was historically significant and what impact this had on our lives today.

Upper School did a fantastic job at scanning information for key details which they could use. Many found that Henry VIII established the Church of England and created the Royal Navy as so is regarded as the ‘Father of the English Navy’.

We then used sentence stems to help us think about the impact of these changes, introductions on our life today (Without the Royal Navy… Without the Church of England…’)

We topped the afternoon off with a quiz designed by Bethan and Claire which tested the knowledge of the class on Henry VIII and revealed some interesting facts!


Fantastic job, Upper School! You are developing your historical skills wonderfully!


Henry VIII: A Historically Significant Person