This morning, Upper School were presented with a factors and multiples challenge which, whilst testing their ability to apply their mathematical knowledge, required a range of thinking skills...particularly, a positive ‘Growth Mindset’ about it being possible and remembering not to give up. 

First of all, the children had to decide on the resources they believed they needed and the first steps to coming up with solutions. After being shown suggestions of how they could keep track of the solutions they were coming up with, many children adopted their very own strategies and methods of organising their solutions: the different ways can be spotted in the photos!

After spending time working through the problem, we compiled our solutions using the interactive number grid to keep track of the possibilities. We found thirteen possible solutions…which was impressively more than some other schools who had attempted the problem! Go Inskip!!

Throughout the experience, children were using excellent maths talk and adaptable thinking. They happily challenged one another when cross-referencing solutions and encouraged each other to persevere and find alternative solutions. 

Such a joyous morning ~ well done Upper School!


Upper School Think it Thursday