Helen Lewis our wonderful Wonder Club leader, came in with her team from BSYW (Blackpool Schools and Youth Work) Sue Richards, Jackie Tracey and David Cornell, to deliver a super lesson to our Year 4s and Year 5s. The workshop was based on 'Diary of a Disciple: Luke's Story' by Gemma Willis and Emma Randall, a retelling of Luke's Gospel, written in a quirky, contemporary and accessible style. The children explored the book through craft, drama, quizzes and puzzles, relishing the opportunity to engage with and explore the Bible, the life of Jesus and key figures in the Bible. 'Diary of a Disciple' truly is a wonderful, engrossing book, thank you so much to Helen, David, Jackie and Sue for your time and guidance as well as the Scripture Union for the gift of a free mini copy of the book for each child and a copy of this unique retelling of the Gospel for our library. We had a great afternoon!

Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story