Japan 2021

In preparation for the Olympic Games starting in Tokyo on 23rd July, Upper School  are learning about Japan. So far we have learnt that Japan is an archipelago but has four main islands, the largest of which is Honshu, which is where Tokyo is found. Japan is roughly 6000 miles away ,has a…

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Maths Fun!

In Upper School each child regularly uses MyMaths and Mathletics. These are online learning tools to support mathematics learnt in lessons and provide a different format for learning which some children prefer or find challenging, as it provides a different format to our usual textbooks. All the…

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The Trojan Wars

In Upper School we have been learning about the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. This was a bitter war lasting more than ten years started when Helen (married to Menelaus, a Greek King) fled to Troy with Paris (a Trojan Prince). The battle that followed is said to have involved a thousand…

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Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

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As part of our study of Ancient Greece, Upper School have been learning about Greek Gods and Goddesses. We have found out many interesting facts about them and what they had control over. Zeus was King of the Gods and lived on Mount Olympus. One of his daughters was called Athena. She was…

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Teams Talk!

Not only have our children become used to meeting up on screen during lockdown, this week for the first time, 'Parents' Evenings' are also being held remotely via Teams! We still view this as a great opportunity to give feedback to parents about progress and targets.

Despite this, we still look…

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Keeping up to date!

Each day in Upper School, we watch Newsround to keep up to date with what is going on in the UK and the rest of the world. There is always an interesting mix of current affairs, sport and nature stories shown and this week we have been following the reports of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral and…

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Comic Relief

On Friday 21st March, Upper School had fun with Pete from Fleetwood Town AFC during lunchtime playtime. Instead of red noses, they held their tennis balls to help remind us it was Comic Relief Day. A total of eighteen children joined in playing tennis with Pete during…

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Ring-a ring o'roses

Since coming back to school last week, Upper School have been learning about the Great Plague of 1665-1666. There are some comparisons between the way families dealt with the Plague then and how we deal with Covid-19 now. Isolation has occurred both times as a way to control the spread but…

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Welcome back!

We are delighted to have everyone back to Upper School. Everyone has been working very hard and of course, all are pleased to see their friends again. We are especially pleased to welcome Henry to Upper School. He has settled in quickly and already has many new friends.

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Party Fun

This morning Upper School classes enjoyed their annual Christmas parties. Much fun was had by all as they played a variety of games, the favourite being an Egyptian themed game where the had to ‘mummify each other using toilet roll! The results were quite impressive!


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Egyptian Escapades

Upper School have had a great term learning about the Ancient Egyptians. As well as finding out about Egyptian gods and  daily life during the rule of the Pharaohs, the children particularly enjoyed learning about the process of mummification and Tutankhamun. Many children have made models of…

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Pancake Day

This morning we held our very windy Pancake Dash. Everyone enjoyed constructing the pancakes with a range of toppings, then eating them!

Thank you to all family and friends for sponsoring our children. 

See our photos below.




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