Fabulous Year Sixes!

Well  done to our Year 6s for completing their SATs in such excellent fashion. We are very proud of the way they approached the week with confidence. Each Year 6 tried their absolute hardest and there is no more we could wish for. Well done all! 

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332 Million People!

As part of our studies about the USA, we have been looking at population distribution and population density. We also compared the population and area of New York and London.




New York

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American Adventures

This half term, Upper School are having a whirlwind tour of the USA! We have already begun by thinking of words we associate with the USA and looking at the diversity in landscapes across the country. We watched a timelapse film travelling through America. How many places do you recognise?

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Top Tips for Year 6s


Top Tips for SAT week

Year 6 SATs take place soon. Here are some top tips to make sure they go as smoothly as possible.

  • Get plenty of rest- It is really important to be well rested before SAT week; this will help you to be able to focus.

  • Eat well- each morning of SAT week,…

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Diaries of a Victorian schoolchild

At the end of our topic on Victorian childhood, Upper School wrote diaries as if they were a Victorian child in Inskip. Our 'Decade corridor exhibition' was extremely useful in providing us with real events that happened to children in Inskip during the Victorian times. Several wrote about the…

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Clever Crumbles

In our computing lessons, we are learning how to programme a microcontroller connected to a laptop, via a USB. We have been programming components such as buzzers and lights with Crumble coding. It has been really rewarding to create programmes to create a sequence of lights and buzzes! (It’s been…

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North West Stages Rally Car Visit

This afternoon, we had a visit from a rally car which will be taking part in the North West Stages Rally on the 19th March A total of 125 cars will be taking part over five stages. 

Further details about where to view the rally, as well as being able to view the cars from 6.30pm on Garstang…

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Victorian childhood

In Upper School, we are finding out about life of children in Victorian times, starting with school life. We are so lucky in Inskip that we have such rich resources to draw on- the school log books and the corridor exhibition documenting each decade of school life from 1816 to 2016. 
The picture…

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Real life data bases

To conclude our unit learning about flat file databases, we applied our knowledge to a real life situation. Using sky scanner.com, the children were finding flights to certain locations and finding the cheapest cost as well as the shortest route.  This could come in useful......!

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How great are databases?

In Upper School, we’ve been learning about how to record and search for information using a flat-file data base.  We began by making our own paper system and quickly realised how limiting this system is. 
Using one of our child-friendly data bases, we’ve been able to answer questions by posing…

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Lessons in First Aid

Upper School have begun to learn about first-aid as part of their PSHE lessons. During this half term, we will be learning about basic first-aid practises that we can use to help a casualty, as well as when to get help and what to do in an emergency. The areas we will cover include burns and…

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Feeling festive!

Christmas crafts have been started to make the school look festive for this Saturday's Christmas Fair. All the children in Upper School have been making stars for the corridor and classroom, as well as metres and metres of paper chains for the corridor!

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