Random Act 5

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Random Act 4

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Random Acts of Wildness II

We completed our second and third 'Random Acts of Wildness' at school, too. 
These included, firstly, looking for shapes, pictures and stories in clouds. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and images (as well as some very strange ones)! 
The third challenge was to search for creepy…

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30 Days Wild

Middle School has decided to participate in The Wildlife Trust's '30 Days Wild' challenge. 
This means that children will have lots of lovely outdoorsy activities to complete that will help bring them closer to the nature and wildlife around them.
Although the challenge starts on the 1st June,…

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English Playscripts

To finish off our topic of movies and scripts in English we decided to have our own try at acting. 
Children were given a script to learn as a year group and spent several lessons practicing and perfecting their performances. 
Year 3s performed The Gingerbread Man.

Year 4s performed Maui and…

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We were so fortunate to have a visit from Leo's lovely Indian-Runner duck ducklings! 
These cute little ducks definitely lived up to their name... they really could run - and fast!
Children loved giving these ducks a stroke and asking questions about them to Leo and Mrs Wright. Some children…

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Save our Planet

On Tuesday, children had a themed day where we learned all about how we can help the planet.
We began by learning about fractions, decimals and percentages used in lots of different facts about the planet. Children went on a treasure hunt to find each percentage, fraction or decimal on a pebble…

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Investigating Electricity

The children have begun looking at electricity in their Science lessons. 
On Monday we investigated different electrical items and asked lots of quesitons about them:
How does it work?
How does the electric get into the screen?
Why does it need a battery if it gets plugged in?

We tried to…

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National Parks

Continuing from our work on the Lake District National Park, we researched some other national parks in the UK to compare them.
We split into groups of 3 and researched a different National Park each:

- The Peak District
- The Yorkshire Dales
- The Cairngorms
- Snowdonia
- The Norfolk…

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Design Technology

The children have been able to bring their designs to life in their DT lessons.
They have measured, sewed and stitched in their first attempt to create their passport holders. 
We had to use the stitching we had learned previously to attach and seal different parts of felt.
We can't wait until…

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3D shapes

Middle school have learned about 3D shapes this week. 
They begun by learning the properties of 3D shapes and some of their names. 
We learned that 3D shapes have edges, vertices and faces.

We then had a try at creating some shapes from a net.
The children enjoyed cutting out the shapes…

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Middle school have been investigating plants in their science lessons.
A few weeks earlier, we set up some different investigations to figure out what plants need to grow well.

Our first investigation was to see whether plants need light. We grew one plant in the window and one in the…

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