Red Nose Day

A huge well done to everyone who has participated in Red Nose day this year.

Many of the children in middle school showed their support by purchasing a red nose and wearing it to school all day! 
Some brave children stood up in front of the school to tell some jokes for everyone to hear and…

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Ms Hennelly's classroom shop

To go alongside our topic of 'money' this week, the children came to buy items from Ms Hennelly's classroom shop!
They used money to count out amounts and simulate purchasing items from a real shop. 
We used this to help us with adding amounts of money on the first day as my shop had no…

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Middle school have had their first try at orienteering in their PE lessons.
They had a great time applying their skills to complete different orienteering challenges.

Children firstly had to use find the numbered controls and mark where they think they were on the maps, making connections to…

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Telling the time

This Thursday children went into the hall and had the opportunity to put their new skills at telling the time to the test. 

Children could play dominoes where they matched up the time on the clock with the time written down.
We also played a board game where you had to read the analogue time…

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Animal masks!

The children have been learning about the circle of life in their science lessons.

Children have been thinking about what animals eat and how their bodies are adapted to their lifestyle. We learned that predators/carnivores share many features, as do prey/herbivores. 

To show our knowledge,…

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North West Stages Rally Car Visit

On Monday afternoon, we had a fantastic visit from one of the rally cars that will be taking part in the North West Stages Rally in Garstang.
The children enjoyed asking questions about the car and having a try at sitting in it, too!

details about the rally can be found at: 

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Interviews from the past

To go alongside our plague topic, the children have been learning about writing a newspaper report as if they are really in 1665. To help us with this, children took on the role of a character from the time. 
Their characters were from different backgrounds and had interacted with the plague in…

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Middle School's World Book Day

Middle school enjoyed their world book day this year, exploring the theme of 'magic!'

The day began with a parade of all of the wonderful and creative outfits from across the school. We loved seeing how books had inspired children and hearing about why they had chosen their characters.


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Trust and Trails

As part of the PE curriculum, children participate in outdoor activities - this half term's outdoor activities include trust games and activities that promote teamwork. 
This week, children began with some teamwork. In groups, children had to use their bodies to create words (which also links to…

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This week we have started our new topic in art - looking at typography. 
We began the topic by looking at how we could create letters without using a pen or pencil! Children got creative using the objects from the classroom and from outside to create the letters from their names.

We had to…

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Middle school have been enjoying using the gymnastics equipment in their PE lessons this term. 
We have been focusing on using our bodies for balancing and travelling. 
Children had to create a routine using different pieces of equipment - including rolling, jumping and balancing. 

On our…

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Healthy sandwiches

We had a very exciting (and very tasty) DT lesson this week!

To finish off our healthy sandwich project, we had to finally create our sandwiches to test them out. 
The first thing we took care of was making sure our hands were washed thoroughly and that our tables were disinfected. We…

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